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7400 Macarthur Blvd. Oakland CA 94605 • Ph: 510-638-9851 • Fax: 510-638-9852
Elmhurst Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated by dedicated pharmacy professionals who have been serving the Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area for over 50 years.

The focus of Elmhurst Pharmacy is to provide exceptional and personalized pharmacy services to long-term care communities including skilled nursing, assisted living, group homes and the independent living individual on a 24/7 availability...
  • Elmhurst Pharmacy is a leading local Pharmacy Services Long Term Care provider

  • RXSend.com, the proprietary website of Elmhurst Pharmacy, provides patient medication management for prescribers and caregivers

Our focus is to meet the needs of the long term care patient with quality service, cost savings and no charge delivery service. Elmhurst Pharmacy is your source for Medicare Part D information; a pharmacist is available for consultation at your request.
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